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Change Your Body. One Decision

You are only one decision away from changing your body!

People are only motivated to do the things that are easy. Your life comes down to your decisions. Change your decisions, and you change everything. That micro-moment to make a change, will give you a completely different life.

  • Have you decided to hit the snooze on the alarm, for an extra 20 minutes in bed and miss breakfast - leading to poorer food choices at lunch?

  • Have you decided to skip that workout, because you’re feeling tired and telling yourself you’re not feeling well?

  • Have you decided to stay up late to watch more TV leading to tiredness the next day?

  • Have you decided to go on a night out drinking alcohol to only feel crap for the following days ‘treating’ yourself to ‘comfort food'?

  • Have you decided to get a takeaway instead of preparing a healthy meal?

All these decisions take you so far off track to reaching that transformation I know you’re wanting.

You know what to do but can’t seem to do it. Every one of us is one google search away to find all the information on nutrition and training. If you just follow anyone of them you will get the transformation you want.

It is so easy to point the finger at other people why you’re not doing these things. You know there’s more in YOU but what it really comes down to is you don’t feel like it at that moment.

You’re one decision away to call out your excuses and start taking action.

Let me help you shift up a gear on your own transformation journey to creating the new better version of you in 2020.


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