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Charlie Webster - PT Body Building Compe

Charles Webster Mr Hull East Coast Men’s Physique Champion 2015​


In January 2015 I decided I wanted to compete in May that year in my first bodybuilding show in physique class as my hometown Hull was hosting its first local show in 20 years, not really knowing how I was going to get into the condition needed to step on stage and be competitive I started speaking to people that could point me in the right direction, at the time I was working at total fitness gym which is where I met Mike….


Mike started working out of total fitness as a PT, after having a few conversations together and seeing the results Mike has achieved with his clients I could see he knew his stuff! So I asked Mike if could prepare me for the show. He is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable and passionate personal trainers I have met. He is meticulous with his programming, the advice he offers, and explaining the rationale behind his practices. I could not recommend Mike’s services highly enough.

Dean Clark Prison Officer

After attending the gym on an on and off basis for a period of 18 months I decided it was time to get serious. I watched all of the trainers that were at the Gym and what made Mike stand out the most was his attention to detail with each of his then clients. I approached Mike and felt immediately at ease with his attitude and approachability. I started with Mike in late December 2015 on 2 sessions a week and enjoyed them so much I quickly increased to 3 per week. Not only does Mike spend all of each session fully committed to bringing out the best in me, checking my form and explaining and showing each exercise in detail, he is also in regular contact asking how I am feeling, how my diet is going and my mood in general.


I have found Mike’s nutritional expertise and advice invaluable and am a more educated person with my nutrition because of it. Everything Mike does with me is specifically tailored to my needs and goals. I am constantly being pushed and I have currently lost 28 pounds and gained muscle showing by becoming much stronger as each week goes on. I would and have recommended Mike to people and cannot praise his work ethic enough. 

Dean Clark Hull PT Personal Training Marathon

Tom Brown Business Manager


After training intensively throughout the summer of 2015, the completion of Tough Mudder marked a sudden dip in my motivation towards training and nutrition. It wasn’t until a week before I was supposed to begin my Masters degree at Loughborough University that I decided I needed to not just begin training again, but to begin training and eating in a more consistent and structured manner that would fit around my degree.


I decided to contact Mike for help, and despite the short notice, he was able to tailor a training and diet plan that was ideal for my lifestyle.My first block of training sessions were a huge learning curve for me. Previously I thought I was training well, but since being coached by Mike I’ve realised how ineffective and inefficient my training was. As my form rapidly improved, my strength significantly increased and my motivation for training soon came back.


With my new diet plan, which was flexible enough to fit around my studies, combined with my training plan, results began to show. My first 4 months have seen my weight fall by 19 pounds, yet I am stronger than I have ever been.I can safely say that choosing to train with Mike is one of the best investments I have ever made as it has changed my lifestyle completely.


My enthusiasm for maintaining and improving my training and nutrition is all down to Mike, and I can’t wait to see my results over the next year. I felt at ease with Mike from day one and if I need any advice on any area of my diet or training I know I can message him at anytime. His expertise in all aspects of training and nutrition have improved my knowledge vastly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. 

Louise Clark Police Officer


I stopped smoking 2 years ago and also joined Total Fitness with the intention of improving my health and fitness levels. I trained without any coaching on an off for 2 years and started to feel better in myself.


I had seen Mike training others in the gym for a few months and also noticed the huge changes in his own physique too. There are a few Personal Trainers at Total Fitness but none of the others seemed to give as much attention and encouragement to clients as Mike does.


As my health improved, I thought that I may be able to achieve my ambition of running a marathon. My husband had started training with Mike to lose weight and improve his overall physique and fitness and he advised me to speak with Mike who we also knew to be successful in endurance events such as marathons and Iron Man competitions. Nervously,  I asked Mike if he would train me and I told him my ambition to run the marathon. From day one, Mike has shown me encouragement, support, respect, understanding and expert training and programs. Mike has written a full program for me including strength training sessions which I have with him twice a week, a full running program and nutrition/diet monitoring. He is on contact with me on a daily basis to check on how I am feeling, how I am progressing on my running or rest days.


My nutrition/diet has radically improved and as advised by Mike, is more of a lifestyle change, with regular small adjustments to my diet making them maintainable in the long term.Mike has always believed in me and my abilities, pushing me past limits I would flinch at on my own, showing me my true potential, capabilities and strength. He goes above and beyond my expectations of a trainer. The improvements I have made in such a short period of time have astonished me – I never thought I would be able to reach the fitness levels I am at already.I would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for support, professional training and expert nutrition and health guidance without hesitation.


You have to be able to put all your faith and trust with a personal trainer – with Mike this simply comes as second nature – I have 100% trust and belief in him and the result he achieves speak for themselves! 

Louise Clark Personal Training Marathoin
Emma Townsend Online Personal Training.j

Emma Townsend


After a break from the gym of around 3 years it felt very intimidating coming back, Mike took away all those fears. I am around halfway through my initial body transformation goal and Mike has helped me every step of the way. I've learnt so much about nutrition and how to train effectively and because of this I know that the changes I have made are for life. I'm never made to feel silly if I can't do something but that's not to say I'm not pushed outside of my comfort zone sometimes! Mike understands that often there is an emotional link with food and he has really helped me define my goals and given me the tools to cope with emotional stresses in other ways.

I cannot recommend Mike enough. He is professional and extremely knowledgeable but above all supportive and friendly

Marian Clark Business Owner


I have been training with Mike twice a week for three months now and initially wanted to lose a little weight and tone up. This I've achieved but have also gained much more.

Mike has taught me about nutrition, when and what I should be eating by tweaking my diet I am feeling and looking far healthier. My strength and stamina have improved and I am feeling more confident.

Mike is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He encourages me to do my best, and more when he knows I can, I have felt the benefit from the small training time with Mike far more than all the years I've spent coming and using the gym on my own

Marian Clark Personla Training Hull.PNG
Luoise Iliyas Personal Training Online H

Louise Iliyas


I started training with Mike following a Summer of unhealthy food choices. My aim was to lose the extra pounds through the use of weights and good nutritional advice. Having never lifted weights, I was feeling quite apprehensive. Training with Mike proved to be a lot of fun and in no way intimidating. I really enjoyed his no - ego, mutually respectful approach. He listened to the goals I had set for myself and then empowered me to achieve these.


The nutrition and training plans he developed were fully sustainable and provided longevity through subtle mindset changes. I have lost 13 pounds, several inches off my waist/back and toning to legs and abs. Mike is a very knowledgeable and professional coach who genuinely cares about his client's results. I would definitely recommend Mike.

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