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My Top Four Training Tips

1️. Training Plan

Get a plan and stick to it. Everyone is looking for the next plan with all the secrets to training. In reality, any plan will work. It all comes down to consistency. When is the last time you have been fully committed? I stuck to the same training plan for a whole 6 months rotating through the same 10 sessions to get in the shape I did in the picture shown.

2️. Log book

Record your sessions so you can accurately track your progress. Get a notebook and write down all your weights in each session; the weight and reps you did on each exercise. So if last week you did 100g bench press for 8 reps then this week you either do it for 9 reps or do the 8 and add a little more weight, which can be as little as adding on 1.25kg each side. Train to get strong as strength is a by-product of gaining muscle, therefore changing your body shape.

3️. Warming up

Before starting your first big compound ensure to warm up correctly. This is your time to practice and hone in on your technique throughout the warm up sets. You’ll greatly reduce risk of injury and now you’re warmed up properly you’ll actually lift more. For example the 1st exercise will usually start off with a compound exercise like bench press. Don’t go into 100kg straight off. I like to warm up starting off my first set as a percentage of what I aim to lift on my 1st working set. If I’m lifting 100kg I would warm up like: 10 reps at 50% - 50kg, then 5 reps at 60% - 60kg, 4 reps at 70% - 70kg, 3 reps at 80% - 80kg, 2 reps at 90% - 90kg, now I’m ready to lift heavy at 100kg.

4️. Tempo

Leave the ego at home. Ensure you are in control of the weight, own every single inch, not letting the weight control you. Use a tempo such as a (1-1-3-1) this is how it looks on a bench press. 1 second pressing up (concentric), 1-second pause at the top, 3 seconds lowering down (eccentric), 1-second pause at the bottom, then repeat.


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