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Raise your standards

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET THE TRANSFORMATION BODY YOU WANT? Step 1 is raising your standards. It sound's stupid and simple, but the truth is it's the truth.

Turn your should's into must's.

Your SHOULD'S only get done when it's convenient for you. Bute when it's MUST's, and it's challenging to do those people with amazing results still found a way. I SHOULD; + I should prep my meals, but instead, I'll grab some crappy high-calorie junk food tomorrow. + I should go workout 3-4 times a week, but instead, I'll keep telling myself had a long day at work. + I should go to bed earlier, but instead, I'll watch Netflix. LITTLE ACTION, LITTLE RESULTS, NOW EVEN LESS ACTION, EVEN FEWER RESULTS, MOMENTUM SLOWS DOWN TO A COMPLETE HALT. NO FUCKING RESULTS! I MUST;

+ I must prep my meals so I don't pick crappy foods on the go that will wipe my calories out for the day. + I must go to the gym, so I get to that point. I feel happy about my body. + I must get to bed on time, so I wake up feeling energized to control my hunger levels. RESULTS, MOMENTUM, EVEN MORE, RESULTS, EVEN MORE MOMENTUM, GREAT FUCKING RESULTS! Want to change anything in your life raise your standard. Winning, complaining, making excuses will get you nowhere what will is raising your standards. Your body right now is a result of your standards. Get around people that are better and will make you raise your standards. Do you want the pain of looking back yet another year of being unhappy & frustrated with the way you look and feel about yourself? OR RIGHT NOW TODAY START RAISING YOUR STANDARDS and start feeling happier, lose that weight you want, lose that extra inches on your waist, fitting into the clothes you like, feel satisfied enough to take your top off on holiday. Walk up to that girl at the bar because you body image confidence has taken to new levels. A great personal trainer will show you how to raise your standards. TIME TO STEP UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.


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