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Get Strong. Start Growing

When it comes to gaining muscle, it can take much longer to see visible improvements. I always say GET STRONG AND START GROWING

Getting stronger = Gaining new muscle

To achieve muscle growth 💪 then progressive overload has to take place.

There are many ways progressive overload can take place. Chasing that extra rep, adding more weight to the exercise or slowing down the tempo (speed). Week after week you should be seeing strength increases across all rep ranges, primarily between the 8-12 rep range for optimal muscle stimulus to occur. For example, let’s use the principle of adding more weight to the exercise.

Let’s say you are doing bench press at 50kg you could add as little as a 1.25kg microplate weekly, then over a course of a year, you’ve gone from a 50kg bench to a 115kg bench. For absolute certain, your body will grow 💪

Personally, I have taken this approach and I use this method with all my clients, which I have seen great results. Focus on getting stronger week after week and you’ll be sure that your body is growing without a doubt.

This is exactly what I did with my client Allen who started 2 years ago with a bench press 1 rep max of 70kg and now it’s at 160kg with 4inch's added to his chest. Stay tuned to see tomorrow’s post of Allen’s phenomenal 160kg bench press at age 61 👀.

In order for all this to happen, you'll need a training program.


Get a personalised program and stick to it for 16 weeks or more. Don’t forget to log all you’re weights each session, then work hard to beat them the next session.


Nutrition can be a minefield and often over-complicated when it doesn’t need to be. If you’re feeling lost then seek out advice.


You can only train as hard as you can recover, muscles grow when rested. This is something I wish I discovered sooner, I now train a lot less and I’m seeing better results.


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