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How Not to Fail Your Diet

When most people start a diet they go in with the approach of all or nothing. Trying to change too many things at once which lasts a short while until it becomes too overwhelming. Eventually they fall off the wagon until the next time the motivation candle is lit. It appears to be a never ending vicious cycle.

What you need to remember is that focusing on LESS helps you achieve MORE.

Many research studies have shown that those who focus on changing one habit at a time have an 80% chance at success of retaining the new habit. When they try to tackle two behaviours at once success then reduces to 35%. Additionally if more behaviours are attempted to be changed at once the success plummets to 5%.


Only focus on one habit at a time. I have tried both in the past, on myself and clients, and I assure you that changing multiple habits at once has a high failure rate.

Choose something easy. Pick something so easy you can do everyday without fail.

You can tackle multiple habits if you want to but you probably won’t get far. Let’s be honest most people are impatient and want to be in shape like yesterday. 🙄

The secret is only one habit at a time, for instance:

  1. Eat more lean proteins

  2. Eat more vegetables in your meals

  3. Drink 3 litres a water a day

Practice it for 2 weeks being consistent till it becomes a habit before trying to focus on changing a new habit.

Quite often people roll their eyes at this principle. They want to know all the strategies and have all the information on day one, but it is not going to work like that. Research has supported that, and my experience working with clients has shown it does not work.

So if you are wanting to adjust your eating habits... try changing one aspect at a time. You’ll be shocked at how ‘easy’ the process will be to manage.


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