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How to have a social life and lose weight


When going through a dieting phase, eating out and socializing shouldn't be getting in the way of you losing weight each week. Let me show you how all my clients and I have done it and not missed out on a single moment with family and friends.

Firstly, let's start thinking of weight loss across seven days and not just 24 hours.

For me, to lose 1-2 pounds at the end of the week, I need to be eating 2500 calories daily, now multiply this by seven days, and it comes to 17,500 calories for the week.

Going to a friends birthday, and I still want to be on track with my goals of losing weight come Monday morning. So, I planned to borrow around 15% of my calories from all the other days and use them on Saturday and not feel guilty from an overindulged weekend come Monday morning:

  • Monday 2000 kcal

  • Tuesday 2000 kcal

  • Wednesday 2000 kcal

  • Thursday 2000 kcal

  • Friday 2000 kcal

  • Saturday 5500 - Look at all these calories I get to have 😊. That's days eating, plenty of alcohol and finish it all off with a dirty kebab. 🍻🍹🍻🥙

  • Sunday 2000 kcal

Total calories weekly calories 17,500kcal, keeping me a deficit to lose 1-2 pounds.

There's a fantastic app called @myfitnesspal that you can log all your food into which will show your daily calories. For some foods, you will need to weigh out. A lot of my clients are shocked by just how much calories are in particular foods and how many calories they are actually eating. I recommend that everyone does this for at least a month, you’ll get much better food awareness with calories in foods which will help with food choices and portion control.

To achieve a successful transformation, you have to educate yourself on all things nutrition for long-lasting change.


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